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The Collaborative International Dictionary

macromolecular \mac`ro*mo*lec"u*lar\, n. Of, pertaining to, or consisting of macromolecules.


a. Of or relating to a macromolecule


adj. relating to or consisting of or characterized by macromolecules; "macromolecular compounds"

Usage examples of "macromolecular".

Orphu began their short-lived balloon trip, so he did so now, 800 meters down in the dark lake, his chestlamps illumating the ovoid macromolecular Device.

As the Center for Macromolecular Research, its mission was to investigate pheromonic phenomena among plants and insects, to isolate pheromones from the various species, to elaborate strategies for the use of pheromones in combating insect pests, and to synthesize these pheromones for use as pesticides in commercial quantities.

When the best microscopes could barely resolve nerve fibres, this was not a problem: but the devil lies in the detail, and with electron micrographs taking us down to the macromolecular level of cytology, and with biochemistry finally beginning to explain how everything works, the brain was revealed for what it is--a mass of fleshy endocrine cells squirting their neurotransmitter messages at one another in promiscuous abandon.

It was the best time she could remember ever having outside of acing her final in Biophysics of Macromolecular Assemblies.