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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Macoun \Ma*coun"\ (m[.a]*k[=oo]n"), prop. n. A juicy, late-ripening apple similar to a McIntosh.

Macoun (disambiguation)

Macoun may refer to:

  • Jamie Macoun (born 1961), Canadian ice hockey player
  • John Macoun (1831–1920), Irish-Canadian naturalist
  • Franz Macoun (1881–1951), German politician
  • Macoun, Saskatchewan, Canadian village
  • Macoun Field Club, naturalists' club in Ottawa
  • Macoun marsh in Ottawa
  • Macoun apple, an apple cultivar
  • Tulák Macoun, 1939 Czechoslovakian film
  • Limnanthes macounii or Macoun's meadowfoam

Usage examples of "macoun".

However, through drastic pruning, Spur had managed to bring three Macouns and one Sunset apple, and a Northstar cherry back into production again.