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n. (plural of mack English)

Usage examples of "macks".

We do not see eye to eye on certain matters, but we both have the same objective, the defeat of Luden Macks and the Covenanters.

Luden Macks, outnumbered almost two to one, and expected to retreat, had attacked instead.

They cited the growing influence of Luden Macks, a farmer from the south, with barely a trace of noble blood in his veins.

Yet Macks had begged the king to restore the Covenant, and had pledged allegiance to his cause should he do so.

The plan was for Luden Macks to inflict some damage on the Royalist army, to come close to victory, by overpowering and killing the elderly Lord Buckman and his Guards.

As Macks and his forces cut through towards the enemy centre they would be attacked by the Knights of the Sacrifice, hidden in woods close to the king's headquarters.

All other regular units were positioned in such a way as to be useless to Buckman once Luden Macks broke through.

Should Luden Macks break the ceasefire the Eldacre men would be unable to fight for more than a day.

If Macks was to attack we could be surrounded and wiped out before any help arrived.

Luden Macks - who was camped some twenty miles west - had agreed a truce and a four-mile-wide neutral area between the armies.

What if Lord Winterbourne was intending a surprise attack on Luden Macks in violation of the truce?

Who was it that made a covenant with Luden Macks, offering greater powers to the people's assembly - and then broke his word and had Macks sentenced to death?

Luden Macks, in his famous book on cavalry warfare, had called it the Consideration Effect.

Lord Winterbourne led his forces against Luden Macks and killed him in revenge.

The king's popularity plummets, as does the reputation of Luden Macks as the champion of the common man.