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Usage examples of "machu".

Buffalo hematologist abandons his career and family to paint urchins in the streets of Cuzco, Peru, eventually losing his way and his sanity in the alleys of Machu Picchu.

I want you to double-check and make sure there are no leaks or exploitables in your coverup of the Machu Picchu incident.

These precise questions had been raised in the temples of Thebes and Machu Picchu, and in the ancient universities of Bologna and Oxford.

Accused of crimes against humanity, Aeneas defends himself with the story of his life -- a lively if unlikely romp involving a paisley dirigible, a free-love colony in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a neo-Inca community at Machu Picchu, and exile to an outpost on Antarctica-to say nothing of the nuclear destruction of a large portion of eastern North America.

Andes mountains and glaciers, Machu Picchu in awesome 506 IRTHUR HAILEY splendor, the endless miles of green jungle, the and coastal desert and surging Pacific ocean.

Lake Titicaca, and north from there to Cuzco and its grand old Inca relics, and up beyond that to the splendors of Machu Picchu.

Golden Gate Bridge above Machu Picchu, or even the stupid redwood forest .

It reminded Sole of pictures of the Inca Hitching Place of the Sunthe Solar Altar at Machu Picchuoddly out of place in this jungle far from the Andes.