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Machi (hip hop group)

Machi is a Taiwanese Hip hop group that has nine active members, with two additional members on a hiatus from group activities.

Machi (video game)

is a visual novel adventure game developed and published by Chunsoft and released in Japan for the Sega Saturn in 1998. It was later released for the Sony PlayStation in 1999, published as the third entry in the "Sound Novel Evolution" series, and retitled . Eventually, the game was remade for the PlayStation Portable, now titled and was released in 2006.

Focusing mostly on storytelling, the game is described by its creators as a " sound novel" that focuses on eight protagonists and their adventures and conflicts in the major metropolitan area of Shibuya. Depending on what decisions the player makes during the course of the game, several different endings, both good and bad, can be reached.


__NOTOC__ Machi is a word which is used in Tamil Nadu for calling friends

Machi (shaman)

A machi is a traditional healer and religious leader in the Mapuche culture of Chile and Argentina. Machis play significant roles in Mapuche religion. Women are more commonly machis than men.

Machi (name)

Machi is both a surname and a feminine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Carmen Machi (born 1963), Spanish actor
  • Jean Machi (born 1983), Venezuelan major league baseball pitcher
  • Yūji Machi (born 1962), Japanese voice actor

Given name:

  • Ike Gyokuran (1727-1784), Japanese painter and poet whose birth name was Machi
  • Machi Tanaka (born 1983), Japanese long-distance runner

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Usage examples of "machi".

Shiina Machi, housed the studio of Tezuka Osamu and the residences of other promising young manga artists in addition to Ishinomori, including Fujiko Fujio, Akatsuka Fujio, and Mizuno Hideko, all of whom were to become pillars of the explosively expanding manga world in the 1960s.