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n. (plural of mace English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: mace)

Usage examples of "maces".

Only terror as the first charge clove their ranks and the swords and maces and spears and lances tore into their flesh.

A hundred gold cloaks with staves and swords and maces could clear this rabble quick enough.

LADY OLENNA of House Redwyne, called THE QUEEN OK THORNS, -ARRYK and ERRYK, her guardsmen, twins seven feet tall called LEFT and RIGHT, Maces sisters: -LADY MINA.

Why should people like Mace possess the power they had, Sam fumed, and have to be endured by honest businessmen who sought, from the Maces of this world, no more than equal honesty and fairness?

City of London, and its sergeants were permitted to carry maces of gold or silver, or plated with silver, and bearing the royal arms.

Thenceforth, maces were to be of iron, brass or tin, or staves tipped with latten, and not to bear representations of the royal arms, but the arms or signs of the city using them.

City as well as of the City of York being permitted to carry gold or silver maces, but they were not to be surmounted with the royal arms.