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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Macco \Mac"co\, n. A gambling game in vogue in the eighteenth century.


n. A gamble game popular in the eighteenth century.

Usage examples of "macco".

Cartumandua would be in the back, with Macco, the burly slave, and the lashed-down boxes.

That minor disappointment soon faded, as did her sulk over being ticked off in front of Macco, because the ride, at the beginning at least, was fun.

At such times Macco was always alert, gazing back with his blank, hard face, the hilt of a weapon showing at his waist.

She had always hoped that Carta would take up with Macco, the stolid, silent slave who had accompanied them from the villa.

And so, after she had eaten, despite the lateness of the hour, she, Macco, and Carta playedtrigon , a complicated three-person game of catch-the-ball.

I paused in New Carnaby Street to look in a window at the closing down sale of the Macco Man's Boutique.