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Macan is a surname and may be:

  • Ana Carolina Reston Macan (19842006), Brazilian fashion model
  • A.V. Macan (Arthur Vernon Macan, 18821964), Irish immigrant to Canada, golfer and golf course designer
  • Darko Macan (born 1966), Croatian author and illustrator
  • George Macan (18531943), Irish-born lawyer and cricketer in England
  • Reginald Walter Macan (18481941), classical scholar and Master of University College, Oxford
  • Tom Macan (born 1946), Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the British Virgin Islands
  • T. T. Macan (191085), British entomologist
  • Trpimir Macan (born 1935), Croatian historian and lexicographer
  • Nicasio Macan (born 1895), WWII US Army Sergeant, Philippine Scouts