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adv. (misspelling of maybe English)


Mabey may refer to:

  • Mabey (surname)
  • Mabey Group a British privately owned global engineering company
  • Mabey Logistic Support Bridge, used by the military
Mabey (surname)

Mabey is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Caroline Mabey (21st century), alternative comedian
  • Charles R. Mabey (1877–1959), American politician
  • Paul Mabey (c. 1786 – 1863), merchant and political figure in Prince Edward Island
  • Reginald W. Mabey (1932–?), Canadian politician
  • Richard Mabey (born 1941), British naturalist and author

Usage examples of "mabey".

A peasant of Gavrillac, named Mabey, had been shot dead that morning in the woods of Meupont, across the river, by a gamekeeper of the Marquis de La Tour d’Azyr.

I should even be prepared to hear you argue in defence of the Marquis de La Tour d’ Azyr that his gamekeeper was merciful in shooting Mabey, since the alternative would have been a life-sentence to the galleys.

But, having conquered the shock of this news to my emotions, I do not forget that, after all, Mabey was thieving when he met his death.

In this matter of Mabey — assuming your statement of it to be exact — the gamekeeper may have exceeded his duty.

He drew tears from them with the pathos of his picture of the bereaved widow Mabey and her three starving, destitute children —“orphaned to avenge the death of a pheasant” — and the bereaved mother of that M.

Had not Mabey been murdered there would have been no need for me to have raised my voice as I have done.