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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Määra is a village in Padise Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia.

Category:Villages in Harju County

Usage examples of "maara".

Diarmadhi, all of them, as his daughter Maara was, as the new child would be.

Only Pol, Tobin, and Sionell met the morning with enthusiasm, and once Ruala understood why they asked what they asked, she laughed, too, and set herself and Maara and Jihan the task of gathering up every suitable piece of white pottery in the keep.

Atesen and Dannar, Riyan and Ruala and Maara and a new baby coming—and him hundreds of measures away, unable to do a thing in their defense.

Alleyn and Jahnev, Maara and Audran, Dannar and Antalya—Jihan snagged Daniv to partner her (naturally.

At eight winters old—barely two seasons older than the twins—brown-eyed Maara had shown herself her grandmother Camigwen’s worthy heir.

Lady Maara then called victory, and he was helped to his feet by the solicitous royal hands of Princess Rislyn, who asked if he was all right.