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n. A small, milk chocolate candy piece with an artificially colored sugar coating produced by


M&M may refer to:

  • M&M's, a chocolate confectionery coated with hard candy shell
  • M&M Boys, the nickname given to baseball players Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris
  • M&M Food Market, a specialty frozen food store chain in Canada
  • M&M Enterprises, a fictional company from Catch-22

Usage examples of "m&m".

Petersburg and Arrive at Warsaw--The Princes AdaM Czartoryski and Sulkowski--The King of Poland--Theatrical Intrigues --Byanicki I thought of leaving Russia at the beginning of the autuMn, but I was told by M M.

The letters M V, which we adjoin to all dates in January and February, render all Mistakes iMpossible.

I should have told Fellowes not to run anything m the early editions, but to have the obituary prepared, and then to hold it until either Winston or he had been contacted in Canada.

I knew nothing about cooking, but Katz had been looking after himself for years and had a repertoire of dishes (principally involving peanut butter, tuna, and brown sugar stirred together in a pot) that he thought would transfer nicely to a camping milieu, but he also piled lots of other things into the shopping cart--four large pepperoni sausages, five pounds of rice, assorted bags of cookies, oatmeal, raisins, M&Ms, Spam, more Snickers, sunflower seeds, graham crackers, instant mashed potatoes, several sticks of beef jerky, a couple of bricks of cheese, a canned ham, and the full range of gooey and evidently imperishable cakes and doughnuts produced under the Little Debbie label.