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It did no good to know that, all these eight months since he had been an impeccable servant of Lyt Ahn.

But, in close attendance as he customarily was on Lyt Ahn and other Aalaag of low-number rank, he was used to waiting on his feet for hours.

However, since the messages were from Lyt Ahn, and personal, it was probable that it would be minutes rather than a longer time.

Aalaag face, to fling himself one day like a terrier against a tiger, at the throat of his Master, First Captain of Earth, Lyt Ahn.

Key of Lyt Ahn, or at least the Key that all the special human servants of Lyt Ahn were allowed to bear.

Only, this time, Shane had mentioned that his price included the favor of Lyt Ahn.

He had only overheard Lyt Ahn once saying to his Chief of Staff that he must get around to extending his favor over all the beasts of that special group to which Shane belonged.

If Laa Ehon should check with Lyt Ahn, and this had never been done, then Shane was doomed as an untrustworthy and lying beast.

Even if the favor had been extended, Lyt Ahn might question how Shane had come to know of it.

The two could have no suspicion that one of the cattle of Lyt Ahn, Aalaag Governor of All Earth, stood less than a lance-length from them, able to comprehend each word they spoke.

Just as in facing Lyt Ahn an hour or so from now he must be sure not to show any sign of emotion while reporting what he had been forced to witness in the square, so neither must he show the slightest sign of any drunkenness or dissipation.

Fairy tales like the one he had just hinted at could find their way back to Aalaag wears-specifically to the ears of Lyt Ahn.

There was an empty feeling in his stomach at the prospect of facing Lyt Ahn, but at the same time his mind was seething.

Better the clubs and stones Shane faced now than the disappointment of Lyt Ahn.