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LysKOM is a KOM-based conferencing system developed by the Lysator Academic Computer Society at Linköping University and Linköping Institute of Technology. It can be seen as a cross between news and e-mail, but with the presence and speed of IRC or IM-networks. The most common client is the LysKOM Emacs Lisp Client, but among others a WWW-based client also exists. The server and most clients are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and thus free software. The LysKOM protocol uses port 4894.

Protocol implementations exist for Python, Perl and Pike. Based on these frameworks, a number of programs for bridging LysKOM with other systems have been written. Notable among these is the Python software for importing and exporting e-mail. Used as a whole, it enables the LysKOM system to act as a primitive list manager. By configuring the exporter to not reexport imported e-mail it is also possible to use LysKOM more like a multi-user e-mail client for posting to mailing lists.

LysKOM also refers to the specific installation hosted by Lysator at