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Lys may refer to any of the following:

  • Lys (river), a river in France and Belgium
  • Lys (Dora Baltea), a stream of Aosta Valley in Italy
  • Lys, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in France
  • Lys (département), a département during the First French Empire, now in Belgium
  • Les Lys, a Premier cru vineyard in Chablis
  • Lys, an old orthography of Liss, Hampshire, England
  • LYS, the IATA Airport Code for the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport at Lyon, France
  • LYS, a sailing handicapping system
  • Battle of the Lys, a battle of World War I in France in the spring of 1918
  • Lys is the name of a key town, a farming commune, in Arthur C. Clarke's book The City and the Stars
  • Lys is the name of a city in George R. R. Martin's series or novels A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Fleur-de-lys or Fleur-de-lis, a stylized representation of a lily or iris, used in heraldry
  • Lys is an abbreviation for the amino acid lysine
  • Francis John Lys (1863 – 1947), a British lecturer and academic administrator
  • Jan Lys (circa 1590 - 1629), a German painter
  • Lya Lys (1908 – 86), a German-born actress
  • Lys Assia (born in 1926 in Rupperswil), a Swiss singer
  • Lys Mouithys (born in 1985), a Congolese football player
  • Lisans Yerleştirme Sınavı (LYS - Student Selection and Placement System), a standardized test for admission to higher education in Turkey
Lys (department)

Lys was a department of the First French Empire in present-day Belgium. It was named after the river Lys. It was created on 1 October 1795, when the Southern Netherlands were annexed by France. Before its occupation, its territory was part of the county of Flanders. Its capital was Bruges.

The department was subdivided into the following arrondissements and cantons (situation in 1812):

  • Bruges, cantons: Ardooie, Bruges (5 cantons), Gistel, Ostend, Ruiselede, Tielt and Torhout (2 cantons).
  • Kortrijk, cantons: Avelgem, Harelbeke, Ingelmunster, Kortrijk (4 cantons), Menen, Meulebeke, Moorsele, Oostrozebeke and Roeselare.
  • Veurne, cantons: Diksmuide, Haringe, Nieuwpoort and Veurne.
  • Ypres, cantons: Elverdinge, Hooglede, Mesen, Passendale, Poperinge, Wervik and Ypres (2 cantons).

Its population in 1812 was 491,143, and its area was 366,911 hectares.

After Napoleon was defeated in 1814, the department became part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its territory corresponded more or less with the present-day Belgian province of West Flanders.

Lys (Dora Baltea)

The Lys is a small river (classified as a torrente) which flows from the Lys Glacier on the south side of the Monte Rosa massif, at the foot of Vincent Pyramid, elevation , and runs through the Val de Gressoney, flanked by a road, before converging with the Dora Baltea as a right tributary at Pont-Saint-Martin.

Its left-side tributaries are Avant-Cir, Glassit, Loo, Mos, Niel, Pacoulla, and Tourrison. From the right it receives: Rû de Nantay, Stolen and Valbona.

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Usage examples of "lys".

As he finished, he heard a familiar light tread coming up the stairs and turned to see Lys, with her lute in its leather case slung over her shoulder.

A couple of boys-for so Lys appeared at a casual glance-might be ripe victims for robbery, kidnapping, or worse, but a wizard was something else.

Just the same, Randal scanned the room warily as he and Lys made their way through the close- packed tables to where the landlord stood filling tankards from an open keg.

Dagon watched without expression as Randal and Lys crossed to his table and took seats facing him.

Randal and Lys followed, running lightly, their leather soles making only a faint slapping sound against the fog-slicked cobblestones.

In the box of the wagon, Randal, Lys, and Dagon huddled under a canvas cloth.

Soon Randal, Lys, and Dagon were sitting on their cloaks in the middle of a stand of trees.

He could sense Dagon and Lys moving about restlessly, somewhere outside his narrowed range of vision.

Before long he heard footsteps and lifted his head to see Lys, Nick, and Dagon coming toward him.

Dagon, Lys, and Nick stirred restlessly in their sleep, as if troubled by disturbing dreams.

Their brief confusion, however, allowed Lys to slip away into the trees.

The others were restless as well, and once, Lys cried out from the midst of some nightmare.

Before he could protest, Lys was gone, blending into the gathering crowd as a dozen guardsmen converged on the plaza.

She and Randal left the waterfront inn together, and Lys traced a path through the dark streets.

When they reached the point where the narrow road pierced the city wall, Lys stopped and turned to Randal.