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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lyra \Ly"ra\, n. [L. lyra, Gr. ?. See Lyre.]

  1. (Astron.) A northern constellation, the Harp, containing a white star of the first magnitude, called Alpha Lyr[ae], or Vega.

  2. (Anat.) The middle portion of the ventral surface of the fornix of the brain; -- so called from the arrangement of the lines with which it is marked in the human brain.


n. (context anatomy dated English) The middle portion of the ventral surface of the fornix of the brain; so called from the arrangement of the lines with which it is marked in the human brain.


LYRA (Lyman Alpha Radiometer) is the solar UV radiometer on board Proba-2, a European Space Agency technology demonstration satellite that was launched on November 2, 2009.

LYRA has been designed and manufactured by a Belgian-Swiss-German consortium (ROB-SIDC, PMOD/WRC, IMOMEC, CSL, MPS and BISA) with additional international collaborations (Japan, USA, Russia, and France). Jean-François Hochedez (ROB) is Principal Investigator, Yves Stockman (CSL) is Project Manager, and Werner Schmutz (PMOD) is Lead co-Investigator.

LYRA will monitor the Solar irradiance in four UV passbands. They have been chosen for their relevance to solar physics, aeronomy and Space Weather:

  1. the 115-125 nm Lyman-α channel,
  2. the 200-220 nm Herzberg continuum channel,
  3. the Aluminium filter channel (17-50 nm) including He II at 30.4 nm, and
  4. the Zirconium filter channel (1-20 nm).

The Radiometric calibration of the instrument is traceable to Synchrotron source standards, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Its stability will be monitored by onboard calibration light sources ( light-emitting diodes), which allow distinguishing between potential degradations of the detectors and filters. Additionally, a redundancy strategy contributes to the accuracy and the stability of the measurements. LYRA will benefit from wide bandgap detectors based on diamond: it will be the first space assessment of a pioneering UV detectors program. Diamond sensors make the instruments radiation-hard and solar-blind: their high bandgap energy makes them quasi-insensitive to visible light (see also references in Marchywka Effect). The SWAP extreme ultraviolet (EUV) imaging telescope will operate next to LYRA on Proba-2. Together, they will establish a high performance solar monitor for operational space weather nowcasting and research. LYRA demonstrates technologies important for future missions such as the ESA Solar Orbiter mission.

Lyra (disambiguation)

Lyra is a constellation.

Lyra may also refer to:

Lyra (TV series)

Lyra is a Philippine drama television series on GMA Network. The series starred Shaina Magdayao, Eula Valdez, Lolit Solis, German Moreno and Vina Morales. It aired from April 8, 1996 to January 3, 1997.

Lyra (song)

"Lyra" is a song written, produced and performed by British recording artist Kate Bush, from the 2007 soundtrack album The Golden Compass from the film of the same name. It is used in the closing credits of the film. Bush was commissioned to write the song, with the request that it make reference to the lead character, Lyra Belacqua.

Lyra (Chinese astronomy)

According to traditional Chinese uranography, the modern constellation Lyra is located within the northern quadrant of the sky, which is symbolized as the Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武, Běi Fāng Xuán Wǔ).

The name of the western constellation in modern Chinese is 天琴座 (tiān qín zuò), meaning "the celestial zither constellation".

Usage examples of "lyra".

The small lyre was like the tenor viola di braccio and was called the lyra di braccio.

The accompaniment on the mellow lyra di braccio, one of the tender sisters of the viola, was a simplified version of the subordinate voice parts of the frottola.

John Faa poured little glasses of jenniver from a stone crock for himself and Farder Coram, and wine for Lyra.

Lyra and the Costas got there in time to sit at the front, and as soon as the flickering lights showed that the place was crammed, John Faa and Farder Coram came out on the platform and sat behind the table.

Farder Coram and Lyra exchanged a look of alarm and wonderment, but only for a second, and then Farder Coram was hobbling out on his sticks as fast as he could manage, with his daemon padding ahead of him.

John Faa said to Lyra, and took the chair at the head of the table himself.

Lyra smiled up at the soldiers, even going so far as to blatantly bat her long eyelashes.

She introduced Lyra to them but not to Brier Iron-thorn, whose expression stopped her.

As Lyra reluctantly departed, Jame wondered if the old woman would also dismiss Brier Iron-thorn.

Lyra crawled toward Leda, who gripped the bottom of the mast so tightly Calliste could see the white of her knuckles.

Together with Leda, Calliste hauled Lyra up just as a wave crashed over the side of the railing, soaking them.

No, through Lyra rustled whispers of threat and danger, of Deccan spies searching for weaknesses, of enemies moving implacably closer.

Maybe, after a while, you could ravage Decca, but unless you killed every Deccan, Lyra, in the end, would be destroyed too.

The trouble was that because no one knew what these Gobblers looked like, anyone might be a Gobbler, as Lyra pointed out to the appalled gang, who were now all under her sway, collegers and gyptians alike.

At the same time, from gathering in impressions of Lyras, Kharl could sense that Hagen had stopped almost a glass earlier.