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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lyken \Ly"ken\, v. t. [See Like, v. t. ] To please; -- chiefly used impersonally. [Obs.] `` Sith it lyketh you.''

Usage examples of "lyken".

His eyes fell upon the same two paragraphs that Philip Lyken had read that afternoon.

If Lyken would refuse to talk to you, even under pressure, it would stand that he would not talk to the Dolgers.

We could adopt some measure that would prevent Lyken from again meeting the Dolgers.

If a crook had remained to murder Lyken, how had the man managed to escape?

For The Shadow was sure that behind Hoot Shelling lay the hand of an insidious murderer, whose purpose had been accomplished when Philip Lyken had died.

Any one watching Lyken - any one who saw us call there - would have known that we either suspected Lyken had a secret or that we found out the actual secret itself.

But suppose Lyken confessed that he had told the secret - last night, to the men who entered his place.

That they may feel entirely secure, now that both Lyken and Phraytag are dead?

When I suggested your course of action: first, concerning Lyken and later, in regard to Phraytag, I deemed that you would exercise discretion.

Zurick here that what I was hired for was to keep Lyken or Phraytag from talking.

And before we received your reports, we learned that both Lyken and Phraytag had died.

It began with Philip Lyken - a jeweler - who could well have known something about those four rings.

He remembered what Lyken had said - that the ring would turn to the left, not to the right.

We knew that some one - possibly Perry - was responsible for the deaths of Lyken and Phraytag.

We hired Mallan again - even though we had not approved his negligence in letting Lyken and Phraytag be slain while he was close at hand.