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LYF , also known as Reliance LYF, is an Indian mobile handset company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It manufactures 4G-enabled VoLTE smartphones. It is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail, the consumer electronics arm of Reliance Industries Limited. It is operated along with the parent company’s flagship venture, Jio.

According to Counterpoint Research, in May 2016, LYF became the fifth largest smartphone player and second largest LTE phone supplier in India.

Usage examples of "lyf".

So thick the branches and the leves grene, Beshaded all the alleys that there were, And midst of every arbour might be seen, The sharpe, grene, swete juniper, Growing so fair with branches here and there, That as it seemed to a lyf without, The boughs did spread the arbour all about.

And all poore soules that have scowred bowles, Or have them lustily trolde, God save the lyves of them and their wives, Whether they be yonge or olde.

Assembled is in thee magnificence With mercy, goodnesse, and with swich pitee That thou, that art the sonne of excellence, Nat oonly helpest hem that preyen thee, But oftentyme, of thy benygnytee, Ful frely, er that men thyn help biseche, Thou goost biforn, and art hir lyves leche.

O woful hennes, right so criden ye, As whan that Nero brende the Citee Of Rome, cryden senatoures wyves, For that hir husbondes losten alle hir lyves, Withouten gilt this Nero hath hem slayn.

Hir fader, that this tidynge herde anoon, Curseth the day and tyme that nature Shoop hym to been a lyves creature.