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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Usage examples of "lych".

Osric Lych, commander, had gathered round him an inner circle of enlisted men, all of whom you could call habitual offenders.

At the top of the mast flew the biggest American flag Captain Lych had been able to find.

He helped her out of the carriage and offered one arm to her and the other to Maria, and with slow dignity they passed together under the old carved lych gate and up the steep path through the churchyard to the church porch.

Then once more he gave her the flashing smile that he had given her when he had looked down at her from his pulpit, and she curtsied, and then she and Sir Benjamin and Miss Heliotrope once more made a royal progress from the porch to the lych gate, with Sir Benjamin stopping every minute to introduce her to first one and then another of the smiling villagers.

They took the way that the coach had taken on Sunday, and came out through the broken gate into the village street, and so to the lych gate.

They rode along the village street, that still seemed asleep at this early hour, though the stream that flowed down from Paradise Hill was tinkling merrily beneath the little bridges before each garden gate, and through the lych gate and up through the churchyard.

They rode from the manor house to the church for their wedding not in the carriage but upon the backs of Wrolf and Periwinkle, with Zachariah, Wiggins and Serena following behind with bows of gold and silver ribbon tied round their necks, and they were met at the lych gate by all the children of Silverydew dressed in their best, with their arms full of flowers, singing the Bell Song to the accompaniment of the bells pealing out overhead.

Passing silently through the lych gate, she walked up the narrow path to the porch, reaching out and gingerly pushing the heavy wooden door open on its hinges and stepping inside.