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LVL may refer to:

  • LVL, ISO 4217 currency code for Latvian lats, the former currency of Latvia
  • "LVL", a song by American rapper ASAP Rocky from his 2013 debut album Long. Live. ASAP
  • Level (disambiguation)
  • LVL (artist), an industrial/electronic artist from New York
  • Laval, Quebec, a city in Quebec, Canada
  • Laminated veneer lumber
LVL (musician)

LVL (stylized as "lvl") is both the solo music project and personal moniker for New York City musician Dan Levler. lvl was formerly called Level but changed the name to avoid confusion with a handful of other bands with the same name. lvl's musical output ranges from fast-paced industrial metal to mellow electronica. Levler is the younger brother of musician Klayton.