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Luven (formerly known as Luvis) is a former municipality in the district of Surselva in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. On 1 January 2014 the former municipalities of Luven, Castrisch, Ilanz, Ladir, Pitasch, Riein, Ruschein, Schnaus, Sevgein, Duvin, Pigniu, Rueun and Siat merged into the new municipality of Ilanz/Glion.

Usage examples of "luven".

The committee head, senior senator Pauline Mary Van Luven, was an imposing figure with an almost aggressive self-confidence.

Senator Van Luven gave each of her assistants a disapproving look, then turned to Tanner.

FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER, Senator Van Luven and her two attractive young assistants arrived.

Van Luven were on the plane, along with a pilot, copilot, and a steward.