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Luuk may refer to:


  • Luuk, Sulu, 4th class municipality in the province of Sulu, Philippines
  • Liège, City in Belgium, known in Limburgish as Luuk


  • Kristian Luuk (born 1966), Swedish comedian and talk show-host of Estonian descent
  • Luuk Balkestein (born 1954), retired Dutch football player
  • Luuk de Jong (born 1990), Dutch footballer
  • Luuk Folkerts (born 1963), Dutch politician and environmental consultant
  • Luuk Gruwez (born 1953), Flemish poet
  • Luuk Tinbergen (1915–1955), Dutch ornithologist and ecologist
  • Luuk van Middelaar (born 1973), Dutch historian and liberal philosopher
  • Luuk van Troost (born 1969), Dutch former cricketer, captained the national team