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Could not find any definition of word "lustsome"

Usage examples of "lustsome".

Take her to the slave marts and sell her to some lustsome caliph for his harem.

I think you do, well, I doubt me that the men in my country would turn lustsome over that skimpy attire.

Now she was as naked as a newborn babe, and Adam was as lustsome as any man could be, if that bulge in his breeches was any indication.

Surely Loki the jester god was engaging in his pranks again, because no mortal being could ever come up with such a notion to tempt an already lustsome man.

The only thing that saved her from total and utter shame was the fact that he was clearly aroused and fighting his own lustsome urges.

Didst think I was so lustsome for you that my brain was too muddled to understand all the implications of what you offer?

Well, actually, I am that lustsome, but that is neither here nor there.