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Luskin is a Jewish surname of Russian origin. It is a habitational name for a person from Luski, a village now in Belarus. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Casey Luskin, American attorney and author who promotes intelligent design
  • Donald Luskin (born 1954), Chief Investment Officer for Trend Macrolytics, LLC
  • Eugene Luskin, CEO and founder of Lagotek
  • Harvey Molotch (born Harvey Luskin), American sociologist
  • Robert Luskin (born 1950), attorney and partner in the law firm of Patton Boggs LLP

Usage examples of "luskin".

Speedy Tyron knew that Luskin would never see the money offered him as the price of treachery!

Engaged in studying his companion, Luskin did not glance behind as the cab pulled from the curb.

These two automobiles took up the trail of the cab which carried Luskin and Dirk Halgan.

Realizing that he, himself, was a man who had aided in plans of crime, Luskin uttered a hoarse scream and leaped to the door.

As he saw Luskin, Burnetti leaned forward and fired a quick shot that felled his quarry.

A servant in the household while Windrop Raleigh was installing these secret places, Luskin had managed to learn the truth.