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adv. In a lush way.

Usage examples of "lushly".

That lushly pink mouth, begging to be kissed, was set in a grim, hard line.

Then his fingers touched the moist, heated entrance to his paradise and slid lushly over her wetness.

He closed his eyes, urged her lips apart, and then lushly filled her mouth with his tongue.

T-shirts to find a tall, leggy, thirtyish saleslady, librarian glasses perched on her nose above a lushly pursed mouth, looking past her, eyeing the MacKeltar with fascination.

The summertrees were dead, but the ground cover of grass and low bushes grew lushly.

All told, being with him was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her The mountain they hiked was lushly green, with clear streams, sweet bird songs and breathtaking vistas making it a heady climb from the trailhead on up.

The property was lushly landscaped-banana palms, half a dozen colorful varieties of impatiens, ferns, bougainvillaea, even some star jasmine and the elaborate banks of shrubs and flowers led one to expect that the interior of the Tuck home would be overfurnished and overdecorated, perhaps in some heavy European style.

With a touseled mane of chestnut hair given luster by artfully applied blond highlights, eyes subtly but exotically shadowed, mouth too lushly painted with deep-coral lipstick, a just-right tan, disablingly long fingernails painted to match the lipstick, and enough silvery costume jewelry to stock a display case, she would have been the perfect advertisement if women had been a product for sale in every local market.

Plants grew lushly in the boneyard, as if the ground was abnormally fertile.

In the middle of a lushly appointed room crouched the same two chastened cublings they had encountered on the ridge.

I replied that the United States had always seemed to me like some powerful innocent beast, lushly beautiful, with the cranial capacity of a narrow-headed deer.

But should Bortz have exfoliated the mere words so lushly, into such unnatural roses, under which, in whose red, scented dusk, dark history slithered unseen?

But later than night, when she lay entwined with him on the lushly fabricked futon, as their sweat commingled, as she felt the double-beat pulse of his heart close to hers, as he gently entered her after the careful and delightful hours of sensuous preparations, Ikan knew what that feeling was.

The branches of the potted flowering cherry trees along the street, pink with blossoms in spring or lushly green in summer, were bare.

Between the greenbelts and the neighborhoods of lushly landscaped properties, the vegetation on undeveloped fields and hills was parched and brown, waiting for the kiss of a match in the trembling hand of one of the pyromaniacs contributing to the annual, devastating wildfire season.