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LUS or lus can refer to:

  • Latymer Upper School
  • Mizo language ISO 639 code

Usage examples of "lus".

But the Cair-enes had lately started pouring water into a reservoir in the Noctis canyon under them, and letting a stream out from this reservoir to run down into lus Chasma, where eventually it pooled behind the upper end of the Marineris Glacier, or ran by it.

Tithonium was higher than lus, wilder, untouched by human hands, seldom traveled in, because it was a dead end to the east, where it narrowed and became rough-floored as it got shallower, then abruptly stopped.

The first trail builder Nirgal had met had been a woman constructing a trail along the finback of the Geryon Montes, the long ridge on the floor of lus Chasma.