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A simmering conflict between the two groups has left the luren divided for generations.

Titus and his allies must stop the Tourists from using their technology to contact the luren homeworld-a move that would lead to the subjugation of all humanity.

His loyalty to The Blood-the luren species, on Earth as well as out in the galaxy-was above all personal considerations, and Abbot expected no less of Titus.

If a resistive human had fought Influence half so valiantly, the luren would have little chance in public.

Orl were just animals evolved for luren to feed on, but Tourists often used the word for humans.

Abbot, as his father, had both right and responsibility to destroy him if he turned unLawful and thus became a danger to luren security on Earth.

He avoided using luren terms because any accidental reference could betray her to Abbot.

It might be futile to delay the moment the luren found Earth, but it had to be done.

A blow had broken ribs and ruptured organs-minor damage but enough to induce dormancy in a luren or to kill a human.

There were only a few moments when she would pause to weigh something he said or did, and he would feel he was being judged-no, that all luren were being judged.

Inviting luren here would just be handing over our human families to slavery-or worse.

Clearly, Mihelich was one of ten researchers who understood human cloning well enough to produce a viable luren or orl fetus.

More than once in their long history on Earth, luren had been caught by just such human tenacity.

It was the best known medium for the nonmaterial substance luren called ectoplasm.

Titus had endangered not just himself, but his own father and all luren, by letting her go unsilenced.