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Lumë (also called Lum and Lumi) is a village in the former Shtiqën Municipality, Kukës County, Albania, beside the Kirit River. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Kukës. It is about northwest of Shkodër by road.

It is part of the Lumë region. According to Johann Georg von Hahn, both the village and the region take the name from the Lumë stream.

Lume (disambiguation)

Lume may refer to:

  • Lume, phosphorescent dial paint
Lumë (region)

Lumë is an ethnographic region that extends itself in northeastern Albania and southwest Kosovo. It includes the village with the same name, Lumë, which lays in Albania. It is surrounded by Has region in the north and northwest, Fan and Orosh, Reçi and M’Ujë e m’Uja in the south, Reka, Gora and Opoja in the east, and Vërrini of Prizren in the north. The region is home if an Albanian tribe with the same name.

Usage examples of "lume".

Attilio aveva fatta la dimanda: se le sentinelle erano a posto: il lume, dopo la risposta affermativa, aveva rischiarato le austere fisionomie dei nostri giovani, quando un fischio simile a sibilo di serpente fece risuonare le antiche volte dello speco.

Stringevo il filo che temevo di perdere e contemplavo il lume che temevo di spegnere.

Il lume era acceso, il letto caldo, deposi la vecchia sul letto e chiusi la porta a chiave.

Ingiunsi alle mie giovani compagne di seguire in retroguardia e dando il lume alla badessa senza cerimonia le dissi: Avanti!

Riacceso il lume mi trovai accanto le mie povere compagne tremanti come foglie.

Ketta sat on the hard little bed in her room, with every lume she could find blazing around her.

Peering through the small grille that surmounted the iron-bound door, I could see a little way along the passage in either direction by the faint lume of a distant gas-mantle.

Instead of being cast back at us from the dank wall, the lume of the lanthorn was lost in the gloom that opened around us.

After staring at it for a few moments in the flickering lume of the candle I was sure it was black.

Anyhow, thanks to our utterly weightless condition, we may achieve Lume 0.

Look at that, the interlock is visual purple bacteria complex, nobody has fooled with VPBC for anything but lume controls and household appliances for at least two decades.

Where lumes provided light, they had been turned to their lowest setting by automatic timer.

The light above her was from a bank of lumes, extending from the ceiling on an adjustable arm.

Dust drifted down from the ceiling and three lumes above their heads cracked and went out.

Il lume era acceso, il letto caldo, deposi la vecchia sul letto e chiusi la porta a chiave.