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Lumb is a place name and surname. It may refer to

  • Lumb, Edenfield, a village in Rossendale district, Lancashire, England
  • Lumb, Rawtenstall, a village in Rossendale district, Lancashire, England
  • Lumb, West Yorkshire, a village near Huddersfield, England
  • Lumb Foot, a hamlet near Haworth, West Yorkshire, England

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Edward Lumb, first class cricketer between 1872 and 1886
  • Jane Lumb (1942–2008), British fashion model and actress in the 1960s
  • Jean B. Lumb, CM (1919–2002), the first Chinese Canadian woman and restaurateur to receive the Order of Canada for community work
  • Margot Lumb, retired English professional squash player
  • Michael Lumb (footballer) (born 1988), Danish footballer
  • Michael Lumb (cricketer) (born 1980), English cricketer
  • Richard Lumb, Yorkshire cricketer

Usage examples of "lumb".

I did not object to Lumb trying to persuade Ann by arguments, or even threats.

The Harbor Master came to assist, and between them they wrestled Lumb back onto the dockside.

If he had told me that Lumb was screwing Ann I would have made a leisurely return to make sure he had ample time to finish.

If he had only told me that Lumb was beating hell out of Ann I might not have hurried.

Thanks are due in London to Nicky Lund, Mark Forstater, Nick Marston, Caradoc King, Alison Lumb, Peter Cregeen, Jonathan Powell and Jonathan Burnham.

Banks remembered some of the victims, especially the young onesDeborah Harrison, Sally Lumb, Caroline Hartley.

The Lumbs drove way up from Clightville, got overturned in the brook by the old knife factory, but come along just the same.