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Lulin refers, as an umbrella term, to one of the two major agrarian rebellion movements against Wang Mang's short-lived Xin dynasty in the modern southern Henan and northern Hubei region who banded together to pool their strengths, and whose collective strength eventually led to the downfall of the Xin and a temporary reinstatement of the Han Dynasty with Liu Xuan ( Emperor Gengshi) as the emperor. Many Lulin leaders became important members of Emperor Gengshi's government, but infighting and incompetence (both of the emperor and his officials) in governing the empire led to the fall of the regime after only two years, paving the way for the eventual rise of Liu Xiu ( Emperor Guangwu) of the Eastern Han. The name Lulin came from the Lulin Mountains (in modern Yichang, Hubei), where the rebels had their stronghold for a while.

Lulin (disambiguation)

Lulin may refer to:

  • Lulin, the name of two villages in Poland:
    • Lulin, Grodzisk Wielkopolski County
    • Lulin, Oborniki County
  • Lulin (Chinese: 綠林 Green Forest), a name applied to early Chinese agrarian rebellious forces
  • Lulin Observatory (Chinese: 鹿林 Deer Forest Observatory) in Taiwan
  • Comet Lulin, a comet officially designated C/2007 N3 (Lulin)
  • 145523 Lulin, an asteroid