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Lule may refer to:

  • an alternate name of Luleå, a town in Sweden
  • Lule River in Sweden
  • Lule Sami is a Sami language spoken in Sweden and Norway
  • Lule language of northern Argentina
  • Yusuf Lule, former president of Uganda

Usage examples of "lule".

When their eyes again sought the form of the fairy, Lule a had vanished, and with her disappeared forever from Noland the magic cloak.

The Tobas, Mataguayos, Lules, Aguilotas, Abipones, and the rest, together with the warlike nations of the Vilelas and the Guaycurus, had from the first rejected Christianity.

That of the Spanish settlers was entirely ineffectual, and has remained so down to the present day, when still the shattered remnants of the Lules, Lenguas, Mocobios, and the rest, roam on their horses or in their canoes about the Chaco and its rivers, having received no other benefits from contact with the European races but gunpowder and gin.

Colonel Luling appeared with drawn revolver beyond the doorway, Rolf was sitting at the desk with the contents of the bags arranged neatly before him.

Rolf beckoned them toward the stairway, while Luling stopped at the desk to call for a group of helicopters.

You out-spit people from Pearsall, Luling, Devine, Houston, Nacogdoches, and who knows where else.

He had sat down and planned his latest road trip, even buying road maps from the retard who worked graveyard at the Texaco in Luling, but it all came down to shit if one of his intended meals skipped out ahead of time.