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interj. (alternative form of lol English) vb. (alternative form of lol English)

Lul (disambiguation)

Lul is a village is South Sudan.

Lul or LUL may also refer to:

  • Lambda Upsilon Lambda, an American fraternity
  • London Underground Limited, operator of the London Underground
  • Olu’bo language (ISO 639-3 code)

Lul is a Shilluk village located on the western bank of the Nile river, approximately one and a half hours by boat north from the city of Malakal, in Upper Nile province in South Sudan. The Catholic Church established one of its first mission stations there in the early part of the 20th century, during the condominium period. The Catholic Church maintained a typical mission station there, including a school, health center and church. The station was abandoned by the Church in 1985 because of the second Sudanese civil war, and is only now being re-developed, because of the current peace process.

Category:Populated places in Upper Nile (state)

Usage examples of "lul".

The next two bridges, the Luling and Gramercy, provided a slim gap of less than twelve feet of space.

He had sailed once on an afternoon's excursion in an old paddle steamer from Wevmouth to Lul worth Cove, a distance of six miles.

Once Ruth arrived home—and yes, she reminded herself, the flat on Vallejo Street was still her home—she seated LuLing in front of the television, then sorted through mail addressed to her and Art as a couple.

Ruth usually procrastinated, and LuLing nagged about more and more yellow spots, as well as Ruth's laziness, her forgetfulness, her lack of concern for family, on and on.