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Lukin or Lukins is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andrey Lukin (born 1948), Russian chess player and coach
  • Dean Lukin (born 1960), Australian weightlifter
  • Henry Lukin (1860–1925), South African military commander
  • George Lukins, Yatton dœmoniac
  • Lionel Lukin (1742–1834), English inventor of the life boat
  • Lionel Lukin (judge) (died 1944), Australian judge
  • Matt Lukin (born 1964), American rock musician (bassist: Melvins, Mudhoney)
  • Sheila Lukins, American cook and food writer
  • Vladimir Lukin (born 1937), Russian liberal political activist

Fictional characters:

  • Aleksander Lukin, Marvel Comics villain