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Luken may refer to:

  • Charlie Luken (born 1951), politician
  • Jesse Luken (born 1983), actor, producer, and writer
  • Jim Luken (1921–1979), politician
  • Luken Baker (born 1997), baseball player
  • Tom Luken (born 1925), politician
  • Tom Luken (American football) (born 1950), footballer
  • Virgil Luken (born 1942), swimmer

Usage examples of "luken".

In which complaint, he thought, glancing at the calendar, Luken was entirely justified.

He glanced up at a slight sound from Luken, who seemed to have lost color.

Odd to find Luken so late over breakfast, dawn-rising creature that he was.

Though rugs Luken dismissed as back attic fare hardly seemed likely candidates for cataloging and preservation.

Sisilli, and Luken had enjoyed a friendly rivalry for possibly more years than Pat Rin had been alive.

Turning back, he saw Luken framed in the doorway, his eyes dreaming once more upon the Tantara.

The other guard, Luken, gave him more water and a piece of flat bread made from maize, then left to fetch someone.

Alex shouted back, and Luken dived into the smoke and confusion with a curse.

Temith, and smacked Luken neatly between the eyes with the butt end of the spear.

Actually Luken had been working on his metaphor for quite some time, having resigned himself to traveling along with these two.

Alex noted that Temith looked away from them and was careful to not meet their gaze, though Luken gave them a devil-may-care cheery salute from his sprawled position.

The server brought it, along with two glasses, and Luken tossed a Belthasian tile on the table.

Alex and Luken sat in silence for awhile, each lost in his own thoughts, until a disturbance in the crowd caught their attention.

 Riding nearby, Alex and Luken saw a couple of other men and women who were dressed more richly, and had more typical falcons on their gloves.

Blue lights were flashing around them, and Luken gave a strangled scream as pain shot through his much-abused forehead, sending little blue flashes across his vision as he curled himself into a ball.