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Luk or Loke is the Cantonese romanization of several (but not all) Chinese surnames that are romanized as Lu in Mandarin. It may refer to:

  • Lu (surname 陆)
  • Lu (surname 禄)
  • Lu (surname 逯)
  • Lu (surname 鹿)
Luk (band)

Luk (stylised as Lюk) was a Ukrainian music band from Kharkiv. The band's style joins acid jazz, lounge and rock. In their texts musicians used mostly Ukrainian, Russian and French.

Luk was formed in 1999. The name was given accidentally without special meaning (люк means manhole). After released four studio albums Luk declared its break up in 2011.

Luk collaborated with Kharkiv-based Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan. Most of their Ukrainian-language songs were witten in lyrics of Zhadan (in particular the first album Tourist zone is based on Zhadan's play "Merry Christmas, Jesus Christ"). Also Luk recorded a lot of songs with 5'Nizza member Andriy Zaporozhets (in particular the second album is a result of collaboration with Zaporozhets). Their third album contains two songs recorded with other 5'Nizza musician Serhiy Babkin.

Usage examples of "luk".

Cheng Lai Kuen and Amanda Luk, arrive, and in the bustle of morning preparations, the conversation is forgotten.

The drama all became too much for Amanda Luk, who also scampered outside to stand with Lai Kuen in the corridor.

Through the thick mist of past years aw luk back, Vainly aw try to discover the track Buried, alas!

How can it be that Luk not only understands but is able to speak a perfect, unaccented English?

So boyfriend breaks in to encounter a Luk grown stronger, more aggressive, from his own numerous memory sessions.

I went back to my room at the Luk Kwok Hotel, where I had a little chat with my Silent Partner, explaining to Him that while what I did may have seemed a criminal act on the surface of it, if He would examine the consequences carefully He would have to agree that it was for the best all the way around.

I walked over to the museum, lingered there for an hour or two, had a very public misunderstanding with a blonde Frenchwoman, and then headed back toward the Luk Kwok.

The very last thing I did was hide the cloth bag with the lump of coal inside the water tank behind the toilet once I returned to room in the Luk Kwok.

Then I took my leave of him, went back to the Luk Kwok, and looked around to see if there was anything I wanted to take along with me.

The receptionist they had hired, Amanda Luk, had a good eye for colors and organized decorators for it.

Amanda Luk, who had emerged from one of the labs to make reminder calls to two patients who tended to miss appointments.

The unsolved case of Amanda Luk and the ghost at the dental office had been preying heavily on his mind.

He has the connections to find out through immigration whether Van Luk Wan entered the US as a tourist or a refugee.

In the meantime, my best assistant will try to track down this Van Luk Wan.

It appears that Van Luk Wan had a strong business connection with a man who traded in our country during the war.