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Lüe is a commune in the Landes department in Aquitaine in south-western France.

Lue (Colunga)

Lue is one of 13 parishes (administrative divisions) in the Colunga municipality, within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.

The population is 177 ( INE 2007).

Usage examples of "lue".

Angels and Charlie the Tuna and the Lone Ranger and the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman and Josephine the Plumber and Gavin MacLeod and Blake Carrington and Alexis and Dobie Gillis and Gilligan and the Skipper and That Girl and Charles Nelson Reilly and Allen Ludden and Betty White and Big Bird and Maude and Sam Malone and Sam McCloud and Pat Robertson and Kermit and Barney and Willard Scott and Rin Tin Tin and David Brinkley and Perry Mason and the Millionaire and Mr.

Allen Ludden was as close to an intellectual as the genre ever produced.

Hurley considered that the reports of Service, Ludden and others urging a realistic policy more independent of the Kuomintang and more cognizant of the Communists were undermining his efforts.

Hmong pilot, Lieutenant Ly Lue, flew more than five thousand missions before he was shot down.

Shong Lue Yang, a messianic Hmong leader who was not previously literate in any language.

He ran his hands down her back, her flanks, the mounts of her bottom, small and tight in her lue jeans.

Pa, ordinary va lues are cast off like garments, in order to meet winter naked.