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Lucey is an Irish, an American and a Canadian surname. Lucey has two distinct possible origins: of Norman origins derived from Latin personal name Lucius; of Gaelic origins derived from Old Gaelic Ó Luasaigh, anciently Mac Cluasaigh. Alternative spellings are: Lucy, Lucie, Luci, Luce. Lucey is also a toponomastic name in France.

Lucey may refer to:

  • Cornelius Lucey (1902–1982), Irish Catholic bishop
  • Donna Lucey, an American writer
  • Dorothy Lucey (born 1958), American entertainment reporter
  • George Kenneth Lucey Jr., American Engineer
  • George R. Lucey, first presiding bishop of the American National Catholic Church
  • Joseph Earl Lucey, an American infielder/pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Patrick J. Lucey (Illinois) (1871-1947), American politician
  • Patrick Joseph Lucey (1918-2014), American politician
  • Patrick Lucey McGeer, a Canadian physician, professor, and medical researcher
  • Robert Emmet Lucey (1891–1977), American Roman Catholic archbishop
  • Roger Lucey, South African musician, journalist, film maker
  • Stephen Lucey (born 1980), Irish sportsperson
Lucey (disambiguation)

Lucey is a surname.

Lucey may also refer to: