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LSI may refer to:

In organizations:

  • LSI Corporation, a technology company founded in 1981
  • Lynch Syndrome International, non-profit organisation supporting those affected by Lynch Syndrome
  • Labour and Socialist International, a multinational federation of left wing political parties and trade unions active between 1923 and 1940
  • Socialist Movement for Integration (Lëvizja Socialiste për Integrim), a political party in Albania
  • Lear Siegler Incorporated, a technology company active from 1961-2002
  • Lingkaran Survei Indonesia, a survey company in Indonesia

In science and technology:

  • Latent semantic indexing, a technique in natural language processing
  • LSI-11, an early large-scale integration computer processor that implemented the DEC PDP-11 instruction set
  • Large scale integration, integrated circuits with tens of thousands of transistors
  • Langelier saturation index, a measure for water's tendency to form scale
  • Linear shift-invariant systems, the discrete equivalent of linear time-invariant systems

In transportation:

  • Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad, a railroad service in Michigan, United States
  • Sumburgh Airport (IATA airport code) in Shetland, Scotland

In music:

  • " LSI (Love Sex Intelligence)", a single by The Shamen
  • Long string instrument, a musical instrument

In other uses:

  • Landing ship, infantry, a type of troopship or post WWII a landing craft
  • La Salle Institute, a college preparatory school
  • Linguistic Survey of India, a survey of the languages of British India directed by G.A. Grierson
  • Logical Sensory Introvert, a socionics type
LSI (Love Sex Intelligence)

"LSI (Love Sex Intelligence)" is a song by Scottish band The Shamen with vocals by Jhelisa Anderson. Having been remixed by the Beatmasters, it was the first single taken from their album Boss Drum. Released in July 1992, it achieved a great success in Sweden, where it reached number 4 and in the UK, where it reached number 6.

The music video was directed by Mathew Glamorre.

The CD single also contains a remix of "Make It Mine", a song from the En-Tact album.