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LPM may refer to:

  • Lateral plate mesoderm
  • lipoprotein particle metabolism
  • Litre per minute, a volumetric flow rate
  • Linear probability model, a regression model used in statistics.
  • Longest prefix match, a technique used by internet routers
  • The Landau–Pomeranchuk–Migdal effect, in particle physics
  • The Law Practice Management Section, of The American Bar Association
  • Live Partition Mobility, a technology for moving live virtual machines between IBM POWER servers
  • Lego Power Miners, a Lego series
  • Sleep mode, a low power mode for electronic devices such as computers
  • Libertarian Party of Michigan, a political party
  • Local people meter, a Nielsen ratings device
  • The Landless Peoples Movement in South Africa.
  • Linear period modulation, a technique for chirp compression.