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LPB may stand for:

  • IATA airport code for El Alto International Airport, La Paz, Bolivia
  • Latino Public Broadcasting, a non-profit organization that is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the United States
  • Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol, the Portuguese national basketball league
  • Liga Professional de Baloncesto (Venezuela), the Venezuelan national basketball league
  • Linear Power Booster, signal amplifier by Electro-Harmonix
  • Liquid packaging board
  • Logistics Park Bozhurishte - a logistics and industrial park located near Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
  • Loss Prevention Bulletin, published by the UK Institution of Chemical Engineers
  • Louisiana Public Broadcasting, a state-run, viewer-supported network of PBS member stations serving the state of Louisiana
  • Low Ping Bastard, a term used to refer to players in multiplayer online games with low latency, and thus low lag
  • Low plasticity burnishing, a method of surface enhancement/metal improvement.