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lopped off

adj. (of plants or trees) having the top or outer parts cut off; "lopped-off branches" [syn: lopped]

Usage examples of "lopped off".

Mym lopped off the thing's head, then sliced up the rest of the body, until the pieces lost their animation.

The one-eyed man bellowed as he lopped off heads and ripped open chests with his huge war axe.

And when he turned, with his hand lopped off, she drove that cold chisel square into his left eye!

The hand was lopped off at the wrist as cleanly as I would prune a shoot from the vine that grows over my terrace.

A leg blow won't kill him, but will weaken him-_the pseudo-Mekhar howled and ran away when I lopped off an arm.

If you'd disturbed her during that hour, you'd better have lopped off an appendage.