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local road

n. a street that is primarily used to gain access to the property bordering it [syn: local street]

Usage examples of "local road".

Now it is just a local road, an endless city street, an epic stretch of shopping malls.

He was a member of a Local Road Board and had received information, later proved to be worthless, that a trunk road was to be driven through the very spot on which Mr.

It veered suddenly west again, this time onto a two-lane local road, the D51.

I did some asking around in a few local road stops and heard about a UN investigation, Russian involvement.

When I'd seen them off I followed a local road map and Eunice's inaccurate directions, and eventually arrived at the Perry Stud Farm, home of Jefferson L.

Sometimes they give you a week on the local pea farm or a month on the local road crew for good measure.

The last tried to cross Paseo del Serra, just as the local road-sweeping truck was crawling its way past, and was whipped up by the brushes and carried, still alive, to the garbage dump, where it was buried under tons of newspaper and gravel and Coke cans and dried yucca leaves and excrement.