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LMV (Lidköping Mekaniska Verkstad) was a mechanical workshop in Lidköping, Sweden. They had plans for automobile production and in 1923 a prototype had been made. The design was by Åke W Eklund. The car was impressive with its low weight (475 kg) and details well suited for the bad Swedish roads of the time. The car was powered by a French four-cylinder CIMA engine with a Cozette carburettor. The car proved to be reliable, strong and with high acceleration. The plan was to have various sub-contractors making the parts for the car and then having the parts assembled at the LMV plant. Via SKF Assar Gabrielsson, later founder of Volvo, had many contacts with LMV, and it is possible that it was from LMV he got the idea to use several subcontractors.

LMV had parts made for two other cars, but a change of owner of the company meant that they were never assembled and no production was ever started.