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n. (context Rastafarianism English) harmony in a natural world and living faith


Livity is a 1981 reggae album by Prince Far I. Livity is a word used by Rastafarians to refer to the energy or life-force that flows through all living things. The album is generally considered one of Prince Far I's weaker albums. As on many of his albums, the backing comes from the Roots Radics, under the guise of The Arabs. The album was mixed by Lancelot "Maxie" McKenzie.

Livity (spiritual concept)

Livity is the Rastafarian concept of righteous, everliving living. Its essence is the realization that an energy or life-force, conferred by Almighty Jah (God), exists within, and flows through, all people and all living things. This energy is the presence of Jah living within us, and is often expressed in Rastafarian vocabulary as "I and I", where the first "I" refers to the Almighty, the second "I" for oneself. A primary goal in Rastafarian meditation is maintaining awareness of I and I.

A primary goal in a Rastafarian's life is to expand his or her Livity. In Rastafarian philosophy, Livity can be enhanced by intense prayer and meditation (often enhanced by sacramental cannabis use), adherence to an Ital diet, and perhaps most importantly, loving behavior toward others. Livity has a strong focus on living a natural lifestyle which includes the consumption of natural foods and growth of natural hair. This expression of love for others is done in recognition of a central love energy within all people, a concept often referred to as "One Love".