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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Liver spots

Liver \Liv"er\, n. [AS. lifer; akin to D. liver, G. leber, OHG. lebara, Icel. lifr, Sw. lefver, and perh. to Gr. ? fat, E. live, v.] (Anat.) A very large glandular and vascular organ in the visceral cavity of all vertebrates.

Note: Most of the venous blood from the alimentary canal passes through it on its way back to the heart; and it secretes the bile, produces glycogen, and in other ways changes the blood which passes through it. In man it is situated immediately beneath the diaphragm and mainly on the right side. See Bile, Digestive, and Glycogen. The liver of invertebrate animals is usually made up of c[ae]cal tubes, and differs materially, in form and function, from that of vertebrates.

Floating liver. See Wandering liver, under Wandering.

Liver of antimony, Liver of sulphur. (Old Chem.) See Hepar.

Liver brown, Liver color, the color of liver, a dark, reddish brown.

Liver shark (Zo["o]l.), a very large shark ( Cetorhinus maximus), inhabiting the northern coasts both of Europe and North America. It sometimes becomes forty feet in length, being one of the largest sharks known; but it has small simple teeth, and is not dangerous. It is captured for the sake of its liver, which often yields several barrels of oil. It has gill rakers, resembling whalebone, by means of which it separates small animals from the sea water. Called also basking shark, bone shark, hoemother, homer, and sailfish; it is sometimes referred to as whale shark, but that name is more commonly used for the Rhincodon typus, which grows even larger.

Liver spots, yellowish brown patches on the skin, or spots of chloasma.

liver spots

n. (liver spot English)

Usage examples of "liver spots".

Thick bowmans calluses had misshapen all the fingers of his drawing hand, and his knuckles were blotched with liver spots.

Her hands showed no liver spots--of course, she was of a wealthy family.

Once prosperously bulging flesh had sagged beneath his expensive waistcoat, his jowls drooped also, like the wattles of a rooster, and his cheeks were mottled with faded freckles and old man's blemishes, little darker liver spots.

His hands and jowls were heavily marked by liver spots, dark whorls upon his rice-paper-like skin.

Black eyes above sloped Slavic cheekbones were penetratingly intelligent, to be sure, but his fine, tufted hair, the liver spots high on his domed forehead, and the rather weak chin all combined to paint a portrait of a bland, unremarkable man.

For days and weeks he lingered by the closet, hoping Madame Scull would come by in a lustful state again--s lustful that she would be inclined to overlook liver spots.

When you're old and gray, he thought, and covered with liver spots and hanging on a walker, I'll still be doing eight-point sprints, my child.

I heard you got liver spots if you'd had too much sex when you were younger.

The little old man had shaved the white down from his head, and where he didn't have liver spots, the skin shone.

From the bushy eyebrows above, a squat forehead led upward to a bald dome, its skin covered with freckles and liver spots.

The short stub of a cigar was fixed in one side of his mouth, and his hands were pale and freckled with liver spots.

He stared at his big hands, still strong, but blotched with liver spots and corded with blue veins.

Charles Michael Issler had enormous sunken brown eyes, and Loren (NMI) Bidwell was a frail old man, shaking from palsy, liver spots covering his skin.

His hands were slender, yet strong, and there were no liver spots upon their backs.