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Litti (cuisine)

Litti alongwith chokha is a complete meal originated and popular in Indian state of Bihar and Nepalese state of Madhesh; is a dough ball made up of whole wheat flour and stuffed with Sattu (roasted chickpea flour) mixed with herbs and spices and then roasted over coal or cow dung cakes or wood then it is tossed with lots of ghee . Although very often confused with the closely related Baati, it is a completely different dish in terms of taste, texture and preparation. It may be eaten with yogurt, baigan bharta, alu bharta, and papad. The litti are traditionally baked over a cow-dung fire, but in the modern day a new fried version has been developed.

Herbs and spices used to flavour the litti include Onion, garlic, ginger, coriander leaves, lime juice, carom seeds, nigella seeds and salt. Tasty pickles can also be used to add spice flavour. In western Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh litti is served with chokha (a vegetable preparation of roasted and mashed eggplant, tomato, and potato).

In Recent Years, Litti has become popular with many Hollywood, Nepalese and Indian film celebrities . Mandy Moore tweeted about how Yum Litti is to her 2.5M twitter followers. Amitabh Bacchan, Abhishek Bacchan, Aamir Khan and others have also eaten and praised in their promotional tours to Patna or other parts of Bihar.