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n. (plural of litigant English)

Usage examples of "litigants".

He would have to go back to the top soon, because the litigants were required to present themselves to view for anyone interested.

Those towers may have been rebuilt several times, and later the litigants were confined to covered platforms on the upper sections, but for my purpose small hollow towers worked best.

For instance, I had the families bringing food to the litigants in the Chapter 9 Tower Justice sequence.

A guard walked into the middle of the litigants and witnesses and said, "Court's over, boys.

Neither of the litigants was a stranger to courtrooms, so it was no surprise that Mr.

Attendants began to urge the disappointed litigants outside into the spring sunshine.

Another, the hammer-sign stitched neatly onto his gray tunic, waved the two disputants of the last case over toward Father Boniface, to see the jarl's doom written out twice and witnessed, one copy to remain in the jarl's scriptorium, the other to be torn carefully in two and divided between the litigants, so that neither could present a forgery at some future court.

The lawyers and litigants always got a complete list of the jury pool two weeks before trial.