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Liteň is a market town and municipality in Beroun District in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

Usage examples of "liten".

They were the dying robes that had been passed down from father to son, as was the custom on Liten, for several centuries.

But he had an air about him, a seen-it-all attitude that Adulux had never discerned in any Liten before.

He was likewise a Liten, but the most powerfully built Liten that Adulux had ever seen.

Indeed, he might possibly have been the most powerfully built Liten that anyone had ever seen.

It was as if he were being enveloped by rock, even though the flesh certainly felt like Liten flesh.

The farmers of Liten were hardy, rugged individualists who were accustomed to following their own ways and being left to their own devices.

Widow Splean, a feisty old Liten woman whom McHenry and Kebron were in the process of interviewing.

He had identified himself and Kebron as special investigators aiding a Liten victimized by aliens, and that had been more than enough to prompt the locals to open their doors and hearts to him.

And Liten, and the residents thereupon, had provided that amusement Krave was no fool, though, nor was he completely amoral.

The Liten had stepped aside, very quickly and smoothly, and the look on his face had been one of casual indifference, as if his mind was a million miles away.

They did not get very far at all, for the extremely large Liten had snagged them by the scruff of their necks and, in a stunning display of strength, lifted them off the ground.

He charged toward the Liten who had treated him so poorly, his focus on him and only him.

The Liten who had, until moments before, been so thoroughly manhandling Krave now seemed to have some degree of pity on the young Andorian.

With a frustrated sigh that acknowledged his obvious position on the matter, the Widow Splean backed off as the Liten walked over to the Andorian.

The Liten woman backpedaled away from him, clearly confused and uncertain of which way to look or whom to trust.