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Litavis—also known as Litauis,Fitzpatrick-Matthews, Keith. "Brittany/Llydaw," The Cyberhome of Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews. 26 May 2007 . Litaui, Litauia, and Llydaw—is a goddess in Celtic mythology worshiped by the ancient Gauls. Her name is found in inscriptions found at Aignay-le-Duc and Mâlain of the Côte-d'Or, France, where she is invoked along with the Gallo-Roman god Mars Cicolluis in a context which suggests that she might have been his consort. Also, a Latin dedicatory inscription from Narbonne (which was in the far south of Gaul), France, bears the words “MARTI CICOLLUI ET LITAVI” ("To Mars Cicolluis and Litavis").