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Usage examples of "lisette".

Lisette hugged Angelique against her bosom and silently bade her not to make a noise.

The demand that Lisette turn over Angelique came again, this time more belligerent than before.

Lisette turned back to Angelique and quickly made the sign of the cross over her.

Lisette decided, as she watched Nikos parading back and forth in front of her, showing off his expensive new velvet coat and doeskin breeches, to deny herself the pleasure of creating a prince consort for even one more night.

Lisette looked like a gasometer on legs was that she was at least eight months pregnant.

Edmond, simple Cordula, fantastically intricate Lucette, and, by further mechanical association, a depraved little girl called Lisette, in Cannes, with breasts like lovely abscesses, whose frail favors were handled by a smelly big brother in an old bathing machine.

Beautiful as you are as Vespa, exciting as you are as Lisette, and charming as you are as a man, when we talk about serious matters, I want it to be us.

When SOE had flown him out in the Lysander, he had thought that that had been the end of Lisette, too.

She'd explained to Lisette that she'd ditched that greasy slob when he'd tried to dry hump her on the dance floor, but how do you reason with a silly thing who faints at the sight of a snake?

A couple of dozen lisettes, a kind of miniature popovers glazed and stuffed with candied fruit, made, traditionally, for the midsummer day celebration.