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Liselotte is a feminine given name which may refer to:

  • childhood name of Elizabeth Charlotte, Princess Palatine (1652-1722), German princess, sister-in-law of King Louis XIV of France, and prolific letter writer
  • Liselotte Blumer (born 1957), Swiss retired female badminton player
  • Liselotte Grschebina (1908-1994), German-born Israeli photographer
  • Liselotte Herrmann (1909-1938), German Communist Resistance fighter executed by the Nazis
  • Liselotte Hopfer, German luger who won a silver medal at the 1935 European Championships
  • Liselotte Landbeck (born 1916), Austrian figure skater and speed skater
  • Liselotte Neumann (born 1966), Swedish golfer
  • LiseLotte Olsson (born 1954), Swedish politician
  • Liselotte Olsson (born 1968), Swiss sprint canoer
  • Liselotte Pulver (born 1929), Swiss actress
  • Lise-Lotte Rebel (born 1951), bishop of the Diocese of Helsingør in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark
  • Liselotte Schramm-Heckmann (1904-1995), German painter
  • Liselotte, main character of the manga series Liselotte and Witch's Forest